Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone learns the sound system of their native language as an infant. A person’s accent is created when they learn a new language and combine the sounds of the second language with their native language. An accent is the “unique way that speech is pronounced by a group of people speaking the same language”, according to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. An accent should be considered only as a difference in how one pronounces words within a shared community’s language and not as a disorder.

When a person feels that their accent impacts their overall communication in a work or social setting, then that person may benefit from accent reduction or accent modification. Accent modification is a method used to change an accent in order to increase communicative effectiveness.

Accent modification or accent reduction is the systematic approach to changing speech patterns. Accent modification focuses on learning the basic sounds of English and it also identifies the specific sounds that are accented. An accent can be impacted by word stress, intonation, sound production, voice projection and rhythm patterns. Specialist in this field can improve these areas through accent modification. World Accent Management teaches the "neutral accent" which is similar to the English spoken in the Midwest in the United States.

Compton P-ESL (Producing English as a Second Language) is a research-based method which provides clients with the skills necessary to modify their accents. The program was developed at the San Francisco Institute of Language and Phonology by Arthur J. Compton, Ph.D., an experienced linguist. Since 1983, the Compton method has helped thousands of non-native English speakers change their accents and lives.

The LDS & Associates Training Program has been offering quality train-the trainer programs for accent modification since 1988. The LDS Training Series was researched and created by Lorna D. Sikorski, M.A., CCC-SLP.

The Clear Speech: Pronunciation and Listening Comprehension in North American English by Judy B. Gilbert is a comprehensive program that provides easy to follow content to address accent modification.

Everyone speaks with some degree of an accent even if English is their native language. There is no such thing as a “perfect” speaker in any language. World Accent Management will give you the skills to change your speech; however, you can use these skills when needed (i.e., business meetings, presentations, conference calls, social settings, etc.) As your accent changes you will notice that people will be able to understand you more and you will be less frustrated.

You will not completely loose your accent; however, we can drastically change your accent to sound more like a native English speaker. Most people who speak a second language have some traces of an accent even after lengthy study and practice.

Each client will be given a detailed extensive accent analysis before and after training to determine the percentage of improvement. Past research and comparisons have shown that students who attend each session and practice daily can expect to have at least 50% change in their accent.

Yes!! World Accent Management uses very effective and easy to use web conferencing tools to provide you with the best online classroom available. Our clients have been very pleased with their online accent programs. Taking the accent modification courses online with one of our talented specialists provides you more flexibility with scheduling and reduced cost. The biggest advantage is that you can take our accent modification course from any location in the world in a comfortable setting of your choosing (i.e., from your office, in a cafe, or sitting on your comfortable couch at home). You can try one class online and one class in-person and see which one you prefer.

Please see our prices page for information about our prices.

In general, our classes are comparably priced, or slightly cheaper, to most other options in the same geographic area. However, our lower rates do not mean we provide lower quality services. In fact, we only hire the very best certified Speech-Language Pathologists as our trainers and pay them accordingly.

Most other accent reduction services distribute around 30% of the course cost to their trainer and keep the bulk for their own marketing and corporate needs. Our trainers normally receive around 70%. Because our trainers are compensated significantly higher than what is normal, we demand the highest quality of service from them. And we do so while keeping your costs low.

World Accent Management is proud to offer programs customized to each individual's needs. The prices for many of our classes vary depending on the intensity and length of the class and if it is one on one, or in a group setting.

World Accent Management wants you to be completely satisfied with the quality of our classes. We'll never pressure you to pay for all your classes in advance. Our clients can pay for the program in several installments every two weeks or if you prefer you can pay for half the program or the entire program. The choice is yours! You can pay in cash or check, or using any major credit card!