Language Services Overview

World Accent Management provides a variety of services designed to improve speech clarity and pronunciation for individuals that speak English with an accent. We are passionate about accents, and the unique way they differentiate our clients. We help our clients maintain their accent, while teaching them to speak clearly and effectively, and how to turn-off many of their accented sounds when the need arises. Read more about what we do here.

Most of our classes are customized to cover specific topics and concepts that are unique to the individual client's needs. We start these courses with our full Speech Analysis service which will identify the specific accented sounds that each client produces and the strength of these sounds. This report is used to build a unique program designed specifically for each client. This service is included both before and after most of our service packages offered below.

Cost* Speech Analysis Given? Typical Num of Sessions Required English Proficiency**
Individual Classes $$$ Yes 8-13 Medium
Small Group Classes $$ Yes 8-13 High
Fixed Curriculum Classes $ No 8-13 High
Distance (Online) Training $ Yes 8-13 Medium

* The cost of each program varies, generally depending on the location in which is it being offered. For example, economic factors force our Washington D.C. instructors to charge significantly more than those in Costa Rica.

** We work with individuals with varying levels of English proficiency. In order to successfully apply the concepts learned during an accent reduction program, a high level of English proficiency is preferred. However, in our one-on-one classes we can work with individuals that are still learning English.