Listed below are the prices for our Online Accent Reduction Course. We believe if you compare these rates to courses offered by others, you will see that we keep our prices very low!

8 week course: $695 (includes a speech analysis)
10 week course: $789 (includes a speech analysis)
13 week course: $932 (includes a speech analysis)
*material costs vary and are not included.

Our in-person sessions in most areas are more expensive than the above online sessions.

Unfortunately, we can not provide the specific prices here for our in-person classes. We understand that this is frustrating, and apologize for the inconvenience. Please feel free to Contact Us to receive a personalized quote and explanation of the costs in your area.

We also offer corporate rates, student discounts, low-income scholarships, and more! In many cases we can also work with your employer to negotiate for their assistance in paying for your course tuition.

Contact Us today to discuss prices and how to get started!