Who Needs Accent Reduction

We strongly believe that your accent should be a positive characteristic that you are proud of. It should help you stand out, and never hold you back in your everyday life.

We will work with anyone that is wanting to improve their speech clarity to be more effective speakers and to make their accent easier to understand. We will help you focus on what you are saying, not how you sound saying it.

  • Is English your second language?
  • Are you surprised by how your voice sounds on recordings?
  • Do you feel that your accent limits your professional or personal life?
  • Do you notice people struggling to understand you?
  • Does your accent and communication limitation hold you back or prevent you from the promotion or recognition that you deserve?
  • Do you find that you have to repeat yourself a lot?
  • Are you at an intermediate or advanced level with your English speaking skills?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then World Accent Management can help improve your English clarity, and make your accent something you are truly proud of!

View some of our past clients for examples of who have come to us for help.

*Note: It's important that clients are at an upper intermediate/lower advanced level in English. Due to the complexity of our accent classes the client needs to be able to sustain a basic conversation in English. We work on changing speech habits, not on learning Basic English. We can work with clients that are learning English; however, the training may take longer than normal.