Benefits of Accent Reduction

The benefits of accent reduction are visible in our client's personal lives and their careers. Our services typically result in at least a 50-60% improvement in the pronunciation skills of American English with dedicated practice. Our clients are overwhelmingly pleased by the impact that these services have on their lives.

After completing the accent modification course, our clients often:

  • Have increased confidence when speaking English in professional and personal interactions.
  • Are more effective at communicating with co-workers, friends, clients, business associates, and others.
  • Impress others with their speech clarity.
  • Have improved presentation skills.
  • Notice a decrease in confusion and frustration of other people that they are speaking to.
  • Cause fewer mistakes and time lost due to miscommunication.
  • Notice a drastic decrease in the number of times they need to repeat themselves when speaking on the phone.
  • Are happy and proud of their accents!