What is Accent Modification?

When a person feels that their accent is affecting their ability to communicate with friends or at work, then that person may benefit from accent reduction, also known as accent modification services. Accent modification is a tool for improving accented speech pronunciation in order to increase a person's ability to speak clearly.

Accent modification (or accent reduction) is taught by studying your specific speech patterns and making small changes to decrease common accented sounds. By changing these patterns, we can make your speech clearer and easier for native English speakers to understand.

At World Accent Management, we believe that an accent is part of who you are, and expresses your uniqueness. Accents differentiate you in a great way, and help you stand out among your peers. An accent is not something to be embarrassed by or something to hide! For this reason, it is not our goal to eliminate accents, but rather to reduce the miscommunications sometimes caused by them. You will still speak with an accent after our classes, but your accent will be easier for many to understand.

It is important to us that you maintain a distinctive voice that you can be proud of!

Accent Modification Basics

  • Learn to speak in a more accent neutral manner.
  • More effectively communicate with co-workers and friends.
  • Worry less about communication difficulties
  • Become a more effective public speaker