General Info

World Accent Management specializes in providing services to help individuals from around the world reduce their accents in the English Language. We have had the opportunity to work with clients from all over the world - from countries including but not limited to Costa Rica, Columbia, Mexico, Venezuela, Iran, Nigeria, North Korea, China, Japan, India, Russia and more! We also have worked with individuals born and raised in the United States to reduce and manage their regional accents.

All of our specialist have a Masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology and are native English speakers. In addition, every one is a certified provider of Compton P-ESL (Producing English as a Second Language) Accent Reduction Courses or has taken courses through the LDS & Associates Training Center. Each specialist currently provides individualized assessments and a full analysis of each client’s pronunciation. They also provide research-based intervention services, screenings and consulting services to address your accent modification needs. Note: We also offer advanced English classes (not accent modification) and these may be taught by ESL instructors.

We provide services both in person or via the Internet through our distance training programs. Past research and comparisons have shown that clients who attend each session and practice daily can expect to have at least 50% change in their accent.